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Pre Randomized Pokemon Rom 17 ((FULL))

OK thank you also im not sure if you are recording glitch pokemon or glitches of all kind but here is a glitch i know (i dont know if bulbapedia already gas this info) In Generation IV if you hatch an egg in the mystery zone after the hatching animation the graphics will be glitched outside of the mystery zone.I still need to find out any other affects of this and how to stop it.Team Aqua Admin Caleb 03:31, 16 November 2011 (UTC)

pre randomized pokemon rom 17

As I was just screwing around with codes on my Pokémon red, I came across yet another glitch pokemon called 'M, it is hex FE, right before Charizard 'M, even though it cant be obtained without cheating, do you think I should look in to it to see if it exibits any of the Charizard 'M glitch effects? If so, would it make it a noteworty enough one?--Rsrdaman 18:14, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

The independence of sources, of course makes it tougher to substantiate the Real World notability of a fictional subject. However, it also means that information is far more likely to be balanced and objective. While editors look for good, solid sources, there are easy parent articles for editors to build up. We don't need 6000 articles on each pokemon, but articles on Pokemon - the game, series, movies, merchandising, controversies, can all be made. The 6000 animals are simply unimportant, because they're nothing but merchandising, and where are they covered? In the books published by the company that makes the game. But the results of that merchandising in sales and so on are important and notable and have a lot of independent coverage. 350c69d7ab


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