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Scp Containment Breach Door Codes

The purpose of this page is to have a single place for all door codes (and any other codes if other doors requiring codes are added) In addition if a code is randomized all methods of viewing said code and where to find the code to know what it is will be listed.

scp containment breach door codes

The conversation is actually between Dr. Maynard and Agent Skinner, who is cryptically telling Dr. Maynard that he has released SCP-106 from containment and that Maynard should proceed with the rest of the plan. This can be backed up by the fact that the timestamps coincide with SCP-106's breach before the game, at 09:21 hours.

SCP-012's containment chamber consists of four rooms, a hallway leading up to a control room and the containment chamber itself. There is a doorway that closes off the control room which requires Tier 2 Containment chamber access to enter, with another doorway between the chamber and control which requires no access tier. A Zone Manager keycard will always spawn on the control room dash, with the chance of the COM15 Pistol spawning here as well. The fourth room, at the linear end of the long chamber, may contain a bulletproof locker. This was replaced by SCP-330's Chamber.

Inside the main containment area there is an inaccessible door to the right and a balcony to the left with a control room on the upper level. SCP-173 will spawn in its containment chamber with a short timer before its large blast door can be opened. Afterwards, it can be manually opened and closed without any form of clearance.

"Attention all personnel," the operator said over the PA, barely audible behind the ear-splitting alarm. "A Keter-class anomaly is confirmed to have breached containment. The site is entering lockdown." 350c69d7ab


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