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Resident Evil 4 CODEX

it is not often that a game comes along and makes me love a genre i've always disliked, but re4 is one of those few games that does exactly that! this port has plenty of issues, but most of them are simple things that you'd expect from an early hd console port. the graphics are a little more limited than they are on the 360 and ps3 versions, but it's a minor quibble. overall, this is a wonderful port of a solid game with hours of fun for anyone who doesn't mind the occasional frustrating annoyance.

Resident Evil 4 CODEX

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sourcenext's port was a huge disappointment because of the 30fps cap. unfortunately, this port makes bad choices with some of the new features added, creating a game that feels unpolished and more like an unfinished early access game than a finished product. the port also suffers from more bugs than the ea port, some of which are serious and don't seem to get fixed, like the locked-on camera bug that makes you unable to move. this is a big problem if you enjoy the multiplayer mode and are planning to play online. in contrast, the modding community has taken matters into their own hands with resident evil 4 hd project, which aims to fix most of the problems that plagued the ea port. fmv sequences are preserved and well-maintained in this port, and some of the improvements, such as the camera and weapon system, are so major that they actually make the game worth playing.

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