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Milf In Sexy Underwear [TOP]

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milf in sexy underwear

The legal definition of a child can vary from country to country - and even states within countries - but it's generally agreed you can't go around dreaming about a teenager in their underwear until they've passed that great invisible milestone, the age of consent. Or if you do, you don't talk about it.

Thankfully, on 21 May 2012, Tom finally got to climb to the top diving board and turned 18, leading to an inundation of articles about how sexy he was, complemented by pictures of him canoodling models (sigh) or leaping about in his underwear, under the guise of "Well, he's a diver; it's OK to show him in next-to-nothing." And with his lucrative sideline as a calendar model, Tom's been canny to exploit this to the max. Fast-forward to a coming out and an engagement, with his future husband Dustin Lance Black as an added extra, you're never too far away from a topless selfie of our Tom.

Rolling Stone was also responsible for Britney Spears's first photoshoot in her underwear, shortly after the release of her very first single. Britney wasn't quite "hot, ready and legal" enough then, so she had to make do with "Inside the heart, mind and bedroom of a teen dream" as her pretty tame coverline instead. And we all know how that one played out.

It is perhaps a reaction to society's pathological fear of accidentally sexualising children that we take the first opportunity we get once they've reached the age of maturity. From the scandal of a childrenswear store selling what was perceived as 'sexy lingerie' in the 1990s to agonising over the early performances of Christina Ricci and Natalie Portman in sexually ambiguous roles, we've long been afraid of talking ourselves to the gallows. 041b061a72


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