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VERIFIED Download Heard From Lavinia This Room Has Doors (2022) Part2 Rar

Waterboys' keyboard player Brother Paul has recorded a CD of new age music with his wife April. They recorded it under the name AGRELIA'S CASTLE and the CD is titled ELDERS AND ANCESTORS, set for release on 1st September. April's Native American-style flute and vocals are blended with Brother Paul's soundscapes. We asked Mike Scott if he'd heard it and he emailed: "Yeah. That's the music Brother Paul played in his car every day when we were making Modern Blues. He'd pick me up at the hotel and when I got in the car it was like stepping into a parallel world of this gorgeous hypnotic healing music, totally different from Paul's rock and roll but still beautiful. And April sings like an earth angel." You can stream a track and order ELDERS AND ANCESTORS here.

Download Heard From Lavinia This Room Has Doors (2022) part2 rar

'Eye For An Eye' was originally issued by Staalplaat in 2001 as part of their Muslimgauze subscription series, however, the date of the recordings is 1993. That's the same period that produced the classic 'Veiled Sisters', and indeed, sonically this traverses similar terrain and atmospheres. It's the sound also heard on 'Betrayal' and 'Mullah Said' which Vatican Shadow would explore in more recent years. This can be seen as the complete edition as it includes two tracks omitted from the original pressing; 'Sub Cahra' parts one and two.

Julius Eastman's 'Femenine' is an almost lost masterpiece. The Frozen Reeds label thankfully rescued this stunner from nothingness in 2016 as it had remained unheard for decades since its recording in 1974. The composer plays piano alongside the S.E.M. chamber ensemble, and together they conjure absolute magic that will have you in tears, such is its overwhelming beauty. Recommended for fans of classic American minimalism ala Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Philip Glass. 041b061a72


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