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Mrityunjay Book in English PDF Free Download

Have you ever heard of Mrityunjay, one of the most celebrated books in Indian literature? If not, you are missing out on a masterpiece that will captivate you with its epic story, profound insights, and poetic language. Mrityunjay is a novel by Shivaji Sawant that retells the Mahabharata from the perspective of Karna, one of the most complex and tragic characters in Indian mythology. The book has been translated into several languages, including English, and has won many awards and accolades. In this article, we will tell you more about Mrityunjay book, its author, and how you can download it in English PDF format for free.

mrityunjay book in english pdf free download

About the Author

Shivaji Sawant was a renowned Marathi writer who was born in 1940 in Maharashtra, India. He started his career as a teacher and later became a journalist and editor. He wrote several novels, short stories, plays, and biographies, but his most famous work is Mrityunjay, which he published in 1979. He spent more than nine years researching and writing this novel, which is considered his magnum opus. He visited many places related to Karna's life and consulted various sources of Mahabharata, including regional versions and folk tales. He also learned Sanskrit to read the original texts of Mahabharata.

Mrityunjay was a huge success both critically and commercially. It received rave reviews from critics and readers alike, who praised its literary merit, historical accuracy, psychological depth, and emotional appeal. It won several prestigious awards, such as the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Moortidevi Award, and the Bharatiya Jnanpith Award. It also sold more than three million copies in India and abroad. Shivaji Sawant died in 2002 at the age of 62, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in Marathi literature.

About the Book

Mrityunjay is a historical fiction novel that belongs to the genre of mythological retelling. It is written in a unique style that combines prose and poetry, realism and fantasy, narration and dialogue. It consists of nine books or sections, each narrated by a different character who is related to Karna in some way. The narrators are Karna himself, his wife Vrishali, his mother Kunti, his brother Shon, his friend Krishna, his rival Duryodhana, his guru Parashurama, his charioteer Shalya, and an omniscient narrator who provides an objective view of Karna's life.

The book covers the entire life of Karna from his birth to his death. It depicts his struggles as an illegitimate son of Kunti and Surya (the sun god), his rise as a warrior and a king under Duryodhana's patronage, his loyalty to his friend despite knowing his evil deeds, his love for Vrishali and Draupadi (the wife of his enemies), his generosity towards anyone who asked for his help or charity, his rivalry with Arjuna (his half-brother) and Bhima (his cousin), his quest for glory and honor on the battlefield of Kurukshetra (the war between Pandavas and Kauravas), his death at the hands of Arjuna with Krishna's intervention, and his posthumous recognition as one of the greatest heroes of Mahabharata.

The book portrays Karna as a human being with flaws and virtues, rather than a divine or demonic figure. It explores his inner conflicts between duty and desire, loyalty and justice, friendship and enmity, pride and humility, fate and free will, and truth and lies. It also shows how he was misunderstood by others due to his circumstances, how he suffered from social discrimination due to his caste, how he was betrayed by his own family due to their ignorance, how he was manipulated by others due to their selfishness, and how he was ultimately defeated by destiny due to his karma.

How to Download the Book in English PDF Format for Free

If you are interested in reading Mrityunjay book in English PDF format for free, you might be wondering where you can find it online. However, before you start searching for it, you should be aware of some legal and ethical issues that might arise from downloading books for free.

First of all, you should know that downloading books for free without paying for them or obtaining permission from their authors or publishers is illegal in most countries. It violates their intellectual property rights and deprives them of their rightful income. It also harms their reputation and discourages them from creating more quality content. Therefore, you should respect their rights and support their work by buying their books legally from authorized sources.

Secondly, you should know that downloading books for free from unreliable or unsafe sources can expose you to various risks. Some of these sources might contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Some of them might provide incomplete or corrupted files that can ruin your reading experience. Some of them might even trick you into clicking on ads or links that can lead you to unwanted or harmful websites. Therefore, you should be careful about what you download and where you download it from.

However, if you still want to download Mrityunjay book in English PDF format for free despite these risks, we have found some sources that might help you. One of them is, a non-profit digital library that provides access to millions of books, movies, music, and other media for free. You can find Mrityunjay book in English PDF format on this website by searching for "Mrityunjaya Karna - Book 1" by Shivaji Sawant, P Lal, and Nandini Nopany. This is an English translation of the first part of Mrityunjay book that covers Karna's narration. You can download it by clicking on "PDF" under "Download Options" on the right side of the page.

Another source is, a subscription-based online platform that allows users to read, upload, and share books, documents, and other media. You can find Mrityunjay book in English PDF format on this website by searching for "Mrutyunjay Marathi Novel By Shivaji Sawant". This is an English translation of the entire Mrityunjay book that covers all nine narrations. You can download it by signing up for a free trial or paying a monthly fee.

After downloading Mrityunjay book in English PDF format from either of these sources, you can access it on your device using any PDF reader application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Google Play Books. You can also print it out if you prefer reading it on paper.


In conclusion, Mrityunjay book is a remarkable novel by Shivaji Sawant that retells the Mahabharata from Karna's perspective. It is a captivating story that reveals the human side of Karna, one of the most complex and tragic characters in Indian mythology. It is also a literary masterpiece that showcases Shivaji Sawant's skill as a writer who combines prose and poetry, realism and fantasy, narration and dialogue. If you want to read Mrityunjay book in English PDF format for free, you can download it from or However, you should be aware of the legal and ethical issues of downloading books for free, and the risks of downloading them from unreliable or unsafe sources. You should also respect the rights and work of the author and the publisher, and support them by buying their books legally from authorized sources.


Here are some common questions and answers related to Mrityunjay book:



Is Mrityunjay book based on a true story?

Mrityunjay book is based on Mahabharata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Mahabharata is a historical and mythological account of the Kurukshetra War, a conflict between two groups of cousins, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, over the throne of Hastinapura. The historical accuracy of Mahabharata is debated by scholars, but it is widely regarded as a cultural and religious text that contains many moral and spiritual lessons.

How many pages are there in Mrityunjay book?

The original Marathi version of Mrityunjay book has 692 pages. The English translation by P Lal and Nandini Nopany has 721 pages. The English translation by Neeta Gangopadhyaya has 944 pages.

What are some other books similar to Mrityunjay book?

  • Some other books similar to Mrityunjay book are: The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: A novel that retells the Mahabharata from Draupadi's perspective.

  • Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan: A duology that retells the Mahabharata from Duryodhana's perspective.

  • Karna's Wife by Kavita Kane: A novel that tells the story of Karna's wife Uruvi, a princess who chose him over Arjuna.

  • Yajnaseni by Pratibha Ray: A novel that tells the story of Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas.

  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller: A novel that retells the Iliad from Patroclus' perspective, focusing on his relationship with Achilles.

What are some other names of Karna in Mahabharata?

  • Karna has many names in Mahabharata, such as: Vasusena: His original name given by his mother Kunti.

  • Radhakrishna: His name given by his foster parents Radha and Adhiratha.

  • Suryaputra: His name meaning "son of Surya (the sun god)".

  • Vikartana: His name meaning "the one who cut off his natural armor".

  • Kaunteya: His name meaning "son of Kunti".

  • Danveer: His name meaning "the generous one".

  • Vrisha: His name meaning "the bull".

  • Angraj: His name meaning "the king of Anga".

What are some quotes from Mrityunjay book?

  • Some quotes from Mrityunjay book are: "I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of dying without honour."

  • "The world does not need a hero. It needs a human being."

  • "Truth is not what you see or hear. Truth is what you feel."

  • "Friendship is not a contract. It is a bond."

  • "A man's greatness lies not in his birth but in his deeds."


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