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Wch Ch350l Pci Parallel Card Driver 11

ok, i have found the problem. i still don't understand how this could happen with the version 0.6.0 and 0.1 of psychopy.parallel, but somehow i have done it with the 0.2 version. my guess is that it was a glitch in that version that created the problem. so that version is now the version that should be used.

wch ch350l pci parallel card driver 11

this is fixed in the 0.6.2 version. the problem is that a file /home/user/.config/psychopy/session/settings.ini was created and the serial port settings were copied into it. this would be okay if the settings.ini file was replaced on every startup, but the settings.ini file is only created on first startup of psychopy.parallel and overwritten in a later session. so there is no way of fixing this problem. this is a bug in the 0.0 version.

attached is a new version of psychopy.parallel 0.6.2 (newer than the one in the repository). i tried to fix the problem by changing the path of psychopy.parallel to /home/user/lib/python3.3/site-packages/psychopy/parallel/ instead of /home/user/.config/psychopy/session/. this should not change the content of the library. it should only change the path of the library. if you use this version, make sure to create an user profile with wch ch350l pci parallel card driver 11 to avoid problems with the wch ch350l pci parallel card driver 11 driver.

this fixes the problem with /home/user/.config/psychopy/session/settings.ini. in the next version, this will be included in /etc/profile.d/psychopy.parallel. in this case, you only need to run source /etc/profile.ini when you start psychopy.


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