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Buy Balustrade Online

Shop online for your Balustrade and Juliet balcony needs. Various customisable options given on our easy to install modular style balustrade and Juliet kits . With stock available to buy now options & quote options with delivery and collect services available. Ranges of glass clamps and glass holders made from 304 internal grade stainless steel and 316 external grade stainless steel, in brushed satin polish or mirror polish chrome finishes. Why not look at our Duplex 2205 stainless steel products, a ultra-marine grade stainless steel for many uses with high resistance to corrosion and high tensile strengths. As well as components why not check out our kits, where we manufacture glass to bespoke measurements ready for easy install. Check out our kits on our homepage at for components for your project, we can support you with the following project requirements: Decking balustrades and patio areas, balcony rails and roof terraces, restaurant and café outdoor seating areas, rooftop dining terraces, swim spas & hot tub screens, holiday lodge terraces and patio areas and for larger scale commercial projects. Need help just ask and we can point you in the direction for parts and components.Through our Composite Decking Store we also have a comprehensive selection of Composite Decking, Composite Fencing that you can shop online for, along with other associated products to choose from. Quick service & easy delivery options and looking for a aluminium subframe, look no further as we have a FastTrack decking subframe that works with many ranges of our composite decking and tile options stock by ourselves..

buy balustrade online


We stock some of the easiest and simplest balustrade kit options on the market, allowing the self installer and builder to create their own cost effective frameless balustrade and Juliet solutions, off the shelf. Our online contact forms will assist with estimating what parts are needed, creating a shopping list for you to simply add to your basket and order.

If you need additional help with designing your balustrade or deck, click the instant customised quote above and add your project details and you will receive a pricing proposal based on your project measurements. Alternatively contact our sales team at or ring 01254 825594 for assistance.

From raised floors to staircases, balconies to mezzanines, terraces to patios, there are plenty of places that benefit from glass balustrades. Made with strong tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, this type of glass panel is very difficult to break.

Not only can toughened glass balustrades improve safety and organisation, but they also enhance the appearance and design flow of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Modern glass balustrades add an impressive sense of sophistication that also makes them a valuable decorative feature.

Choose between traditional toughened glass or low-iron toughened glass for an extra-clear look. Whether you want a frameless style with a channel profile or a design with posts and handrails, the choice is completely yours when you order our bespoke glass balustrades.

Standard toughened glass is generally only available at 10mm thick and above, so this is the thinnest your glass balustrade can be if it has posts and handrails. Our frosted satin glass balustrades and tinted glass balustrades (grey or bronze) are only available in this thickness, so they may not be suitable for a frameless balustrade system.

To meet the British and European safety standards for glass balustrades, glass panels must be certain thicknesses and withstand certain loads under standardised impact tests. There are different classes based on minimum glass thickness and minimum impact load, which are explained in BS EN 12600:2002.

You can find more information about the minimum requirements for glass balustrade safety in the UK Building Regulations, which explain how high and wide a glass balustrade must also be in a particular situation to comply with the law.

For example, balustrades around seating areas in the UK must be at least 800mm tall (only 530mm if the seating is fixed in place), increasing to 900mm for stairs and ramps and to 1100mm for balconies. Additionally, to reduce or eliminate the risk of anyone getting stuck in gaps between balustrades or fixtures, it must not be possible for a 100mm sphere to pass through any openings.

We stock a range of glass balustrade fittings on our website, including glass balustrade posts and frameless glass balustrade profiles, so you should be able to find everything you need for safe and stable installation. Should you require more information, give us call or send us a message.

Outdoors or In, our glass balustrades are rustproof, have top safety ratings and a guaranteed long life. They're easy to install and make a great investment. Best of all, they give you space to breathe.

Glass balustrades are the ideal way to make the most of a balcony, decking, terrace, patio, a flat roof or a pool area. It's the best of both worlds - you can create your own space, and add lasting value to your property.

Our Hybrid glass balustrades use a choice of two different handrails. The Orbit has a circular cross section, while the Aero has a wing shape. Both handrail styles are made from anodised aluminium, which is immune to rust, even in severe climates.

We offer our services is a variety of service packages. Use our easy online pricing to get an immediate price on your balcony sizes, models and available options. Also feel free to call one of our friendly experts if you have any questions.

All standard size balustrade glass comes with 10mm clear toughened glass. Custom balustrading glass can be supplied with a choice of different tints: clear, green, grey, bronze and blue. All glass types can be supplied with the unique double sided self-cleaning glass coating.

Quality can't be faked. Our balustrades are made in England to the highest specifications, with materials that last the test of time. Our anodised aluminium fittings are rust-proof and can comfortably outlast even marine grade stainless steel. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing provides components that are engineered to fine tolerances, which simply fit together well. Both professional installers and skilled DIYers find they are easy to install.

Sophisticated design, unbeatable quality, rapid assembly and excellent safety - that is what Q-railing stands for. So, take the time to discover our wide range of certified glass balustrades, baluster railings, handrails, glass adapters and glass clamps, as well as our many other innovative solutions for top-quality balustrades.Q-railing's system are renowned for their flexibility. Thanks to their modular design, you can mix and match components in any way you wish, creating truly unique balustrades. That is how, together, we bring your vision to life.

Glass balustrade height needs to be at least 1000mm by the regulation. Factory Online Glass balustrade panels are 970mm standard height. And the bottom supporting spigots hold the panel up 60mm from the ground. So the overall fence height is over 1000mm, which is comply with the regulation.

If you don't know how to calculate or design pool fence properly, simply send the pool fence dimensions to our email ( or visit our showroom. We will help you design and quote.

Custom Iron Works carries a wide selection of baluster and spindle styles to complement any home. We pride ourselves in making the experience of buying balusters online easy, affordable, and dependable.

We've made it super simple to add balustrade to your design - the new interactive staircase image allows you to simply click on the areas of the staircase you'd like to add balustrade to, with options for all balustrade styles including oak and glass. Our staircase design tool also shows a live "3D" staircase visualizer as you create your design, which updates with each click - You can now become an expert staircase designer! 041b061a72


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