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On Kangana, she is a maestro of the underdog card which truthfully has not been much of a success story in our culture or popular culture. Indians do not like underdogs perhaps as an adjunct of the mythology culture, as our heroes and indeed heroines are born with celestial destiny. Unlike say the west where success stories are driven largely by the transition from past to present and the fiery rebel is considered an integral element of the mainstream. So, for one, she has repositioned the modern day heroine from copybook gracefulness to inspirational resistance, as daredevil as Fearless Nadia. Which extends to the war against nepotism to matters more sensitively communal but in each case the spunk and character demolishes the myth of the perfect Indian lady, petite to a fault. Perhaps this will inspire men to act their age and speak up more vehemently than they ever possibly will.

N.B. I cannot recal any instance in which the female sex undergoes a seasonal change of colouring among the mammalia. The Indian antelope is a strongly marked instance in the other sex, analogous to that observed in both sexes among the plovers and sandpipers in the bird class, black tern, &c. In the Gallicrex cristatus,7 the change in the males only is analogous to that of the Indian antelope. 041b061a72


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