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Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 137 Free

Mizaistom tells him to sit down, which he does while intentionally taking the head position at the table and officially opening the meeting. Which angers Kanzai, who asks him why he should lead the meeting. Pariston then feigns ignorance and asks if there is a problem, to which Pyon replies that he should not show up late and boss them around, Cluck also chimes in saying he is a creep, irritating and that he should piss off. Pariston continues feigning ignorance and says that he was not sure whether he should take the lead but that he outranks them all since he is the Vice Chairman and that they probably want to finish this quickly. He then goes on saying by age Botobai should lead and but if they were to rely on someone that has the ability to foster progress, Cheadle should lead, he then asks them if either of them what to take over. Cheadle refrains saying that he would probably give her a hard time to which Botobai concurs. Saiyu tells him to forget it and just lead the meeting. He then tells them he will lead after counting four objections to this. He then proposes that he should run for chairman and that they should not bother with the election, which angers all of the other Zodiacs except Ging. Pariston tells them to calm down, claiming he's just interested in saving time and money, saying they already know to result, to which Gel replies that nobody there will vote for him, he retorts that, that is only 11 votes. He asks them whether they know how many hunters there are in the organization and remarks that Netero was way too strong and didn't understand the minds of the weak, which he says goes for all of them too but that he does understand the weak. Pyon tells him that the weak become slaves and asks him how much he made off them. He replies he only asked them to be part of the pool in order for the Association to expand.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 137

Mizaistom then gets serious saying that a total of 18 Hunters have disappeared in the last three years since he became a chairman and that a missing hunter is more bizarre than a Hunter's, unexpected death. The rate of disappearance has increased tenfold in the last three years. Pariston replies that the number is tragic and it pains him greatly but that when he is chairman it will surely decrease. As Mizaistom stands up to confront Pariston, Ging announces his candidacy, which he does in order to carry forth the old man's will. All other zodiacs are shocked by this and state that they don't want to vote for either of them. Pariston then tells Ging that he heard that something happened to his son and asks him whether he should visit him. Ging says that Gon will be thrilled. Pariston laughs wondering if he will even notice he is there since he is in critical condition and that he probably should not go because if he dies after his visit he will have wasted his time. Ging then challenges him to visit Gon, saying he isn't going to die. 041b061a72


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